Themed Dining

When you are not exploring the wealth of adventures that Florida has to offer then it is time to think of eating. Why not combine the two and book for one of the many theme dining experiences where adventure or new experiences are combined with the chance to satisfy your appetite.   Obviously many of the main theme parks have their own themed dining attractions and you can find out more about these at Downtown Disney, Disney’s Boardwalk and Universal’s City Walk.

Some other examples to try are:

Arabian Nights  logoArabian Nights showArabian Nights, a spectacular show of horsemanship and stunts for the whole family. The show is staged in an indoor arena based upon a Moorish theme and begins with a fairy tale wedding between a Prince and Princess.  Trouble for this marriage comes early but has a predictable happy ending.  Dinner is a choice of Beef, chicken or vegetarian lasagne with fresh vegetables unlimited soft drinks, house wines and beer.

Located on the 192, just east of the I4

Medieval Times ShowMedieval Times show logoMedieval Times, based upon the 11th century Spanish knights, kingdoms and fortresses with a fair sprinkling of fighting, horsemanship, lancing and feasting.  This show is a lot of fun, with a love story thrown in between a Princess and a gallant knight.  The four course dinner is delivered by serving wenches and serfs consisting of bread, hot soup in pewter bowls, chicken, spare rib, potato and pastry of the Castle. Two rounds of beverages are included with the feast which is served “medieval style” with a plentiful supply of napkins.

Located on the 192, approximately 6 miles east of the I4 intersection.

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