Florida’s Wildlife

Wild raccoon in FloridaWild Panther in FloridaWhilst the media focuses on the theme parks, Floridian wildlife is continuing to flourish where the property boom has not encroached and, in some cases, where it has. Animals that are comfortable visiting built-up areas include Racoons, Squirrels and Opossum. Those that are more shy and retiring types but may be seen in wildlife reserves are Black Bear, Bobcats, White-tail Deer and the Florida Panther.

Humming bird in FloridaThe state also sees hundreds of bird species, many native to Florida, including the Bald Eagle (the national emblem of the USA), various other birds of prey including Vultures, Osprey & Kites, waterbirds such as Grebe, Crane & Pelican, and landbirds such as Kingfisher, Hummingbirds & various Dove varieties.

Lizard in FloridaOf course, Florida is well-known for its reptile population, particularly the Alligator but it is also home to other lesser-known reptiles most of which present no real threat to us. Sadly many of these are now in fewer numbers than in the past and several species are protected.

With many lakes and a massive shoreline Florida also has an abundance of fish varieties (and fishing opportunities of course), with Bass, Grouper, Snapper and Amberjack among many species to seek out.

Lake near EllaVista

Lake near EllaVista

If you are interested in Floridian wildlife then you can check out more at the following websites:

EllaVista has a local lake (just 100 metres away) that is teeming with Bass, Perch, Catfish & Sunfish for the keen angler or just those wanting to try angling out. All types of fishing equipment can be found quite cheaply at the local Wal-Mart for those not already equipped.

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