Daytona Bikefest

Daytona Bikefest – all shapes and sizes

Motorcycle rental near EllaVista

There is probably no better place to ride a motorcycle than in the USA and Florida has some spectacular motorcycle routes to explore and enjoy.  Motorbikes are seen everywhere as both a working and pleasure vehicle and the relaxed laws in the state compared to many can add to your enjoyment if motorbikes are your thing.

Not surprisingly the vast majority of bikes to be seen are Harley Davidson from the small to the big and then bigger still.  Motorcycle rental is very easy and straight forward and unless you choose to rent a bike during the many bike festival periods you should have no problems in finding a rental of your choice.  Even during bike week if you plan in advance you should not be disappointed.

Harleys for rent at local store

What’s on offer

There are two Harley outlets within 10 minutes of EllaVista both of which rent bikes.  Their web sites can be found at

Rental prices are fairly standard no matter which outlet you choose so spend your time looking for the type of bike you want knowing the price is the same in all Harley outlets.

Something Different but much Better

Triumph motorcycles on hire in Florida

Triumph bikers at EllaVista

If you fancy the idea of mixing modern with classic then your thoughts may go towards renting a classic Triumph Motorcycle from

You will not be disappointed by the rental from Frank who runs this business.  In October 2011 two enthusiasts rented Triumphs from Frank at Modern Classic Motorcycle rentals.  We had tried other bikes but finally got to the best to rent in Orlando.

Frank has three beautifully maintained Triumphs.  Each one of these will get admiring looks from other riders and car drivers alike.  We rented a Triumph Bonneville and a Thruxton and spent a day at the Daytona Bike Festival which was a really interesting experience; however this is more of an adult event.

The local country roads to the north and west of EllaVista make for excellent riding conditions and you can quickly combine the feel of old Florida with the joys of motorcycling.  Both bikes handled beautifully and it was a real disappointment when the time came to hand them back to Frank.

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